Your guide to your child and their school life

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Your guide to your child and their school life.

Fitting in school with a busy schedule

We understand that sometimes it’s difficult to manage childcare with your career. Perhaps you start work really early or you finish quite late and can’t manage to collect your child at school times. Most schools have implemented breakfast clubs and after school clubs to make your life and your child’s life a little easier.

The benefits of these clubs are not only being able to collect your child at a more flexible time, but children often find these clubs enjoyable and educational. Children get to engage in a variety of activities from arts and crafts to sport and they also get to interact with other children from a variety of ages and cultures.

These clubs are not only before school and after but some even run throughout the school holidays meaning you can get to work on time but you don’t need to worry about the safety of your child.

This is just one example of how your child’s school can advise and assist you. If there is anything that you think will prevent your child from arriving at school on time everyday just ask.

For more information, speak to your school about all the cool stuff available for you and your child.

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