Help teach your child about good habits

Good Habits

Practice makes perfect

Teaching children about good habits sets them up for a successful future. The more good habits a child can develop the better their lives will be and the happier they will be. From helping each other, to listening to their teachers, following good habits allows children to understand succeed.

Saying please and thank you is a really good habit and something that children should continue to do until they are old people! Showing bad manners is naughty and disrespectful so teaching your child simple habits can make a big difference.

Sam and Sammie say…
Help your child prepare their school bag the night before and have their uniform laid out ready.

Ensure they have a good bedtime routine lasting no longer than 30 minutes – this includes getting on their pyjamas, brushing their teeth and having a story.

Wake your child up to give them plenty of time for their morning routine –get ready for school, have breakfast and arrive at school in good time.

Ensure your child has their ‘5 a day’ and drinks plenty of water.

Ideally, help your child to start/complete homework on the day it is given.


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