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About Sam and Sammie

Sam and Sammie are our attendance champions. They promote the importance of school attendance to children, parents and schools. The Sam and Sammie resources promote the 6 building blocks in the wall of success – Attendance, Punctuality, Good Habits, talk to the school, talk to each other and ask for help. You’ll see that there are a range of resources and a range of practical ways in which the messages are promoted:-

Leaflets & posters
Table top book and CD
Educational Theatre
Sam and Sammie Mascot events
Parents evenings
Parent Workshops

The Sam and Sammie program is designed to engage children and their families in recognising the benefits of attending school regularly. Sam and Sammie would like all schools to adopt the Sam and Sammie program and see what a fantastic improvement it makes to attendance and punctuality.

For more information – see below

Learn about School Attendance

Find out how you can help your child achieve a good attendance

Good Attendance Poster

Printable poster to help teach children the importance of a good attendance

School Attendance Matters

Learn about your responisbilities and legal requirements on attendace

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