Do you know what a good attendance is?

A good attendance means being in school at least 96% of the time. It is important that your child gains a good attendance for many reasons. A good attendance helps your child to achieve their full potential, they can grow in confidence and they will keep up to date with the work set throughout the school day (Just to name a few!).

Aside from all the benefits to your child and their education, we reward children for their dedication. If your child achieves 100% attendance they will receive a certificate.

It is important for children to set goals and achieve them and celebrate their successes.

We understand there may be some days when your child is unable to attend school, due to illness, but on these days we stress that you let your child’s school know as soon as possible and if possible provide a note of explanation when your child returns to school.

for more information contact your child’s school for Sam and Sammie’s fab leaflets.

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Good Attendance Poster

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School Attendance Matters

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