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Ideas for rainy days

Here are some of the things Sam and Sammie do on rainy days…

Baking! – Sam and Sammie and their dad make home made pizza’s and biscuits. There are lots of easy recipes on the internet.

Make pasta pictures – use dried pasta, paper and PVA glue to make some pasta masterpeices

Paint – There are loads of simple and creative things you can do together – finger painting, making blow paint aliens or painting a picture of your family. Your children can also paint pebbles with pretty patterns, make them into bugs or ‘rock monsters’.

Print with vegetables – raid the veg and have great fun orienting with potato, broccoli and carrots.

Draw and colour – colour in some of the fab pictures on the Sam and Sammie Website! You can draw anything – people, places, flowers, trees, monsters or beautiful patterns
Make button pictures – Everyone has spare buttons around the house – draw a picture, a tree for example, then stick on the buttons as leaves or apples.

Go jump in puddles! – If it rains for days on end Sam and Sammie love to get dressed in their waterproofs and wellies, take an umbrella and get out for a walk. They have loads of fun splashing in puddles . When they get back they have a warm bath and a cup of hot chocolate.

Make a musical instrument – Tissues boxes and elastic bands make good guitars, dried rice or pasta in bottles or tins make good maracas and shakers.

Drawing games – hangman, noughts and crosses, battleships etc
Make a den – 2 chairs and some sheets can make an awesome den- cardboard boxes can make a fort. Use your imagination.

There are loads of Fab activities on the Sam and Sammie website – puzzles, games, make a Sam and Sammie mask, make finger puppets and loads more!

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