The Stirling Primary Lottery

At Stirling Primary School we’ve held an attendance lottery for the last 3 years. Every week all children who’ve had 100% attendance and no late arrivals is given a golden ticket to post in the golden box On the last day of summer term the winning tickets are drawn from the box.  The prizes for […]

Windhill Primary School Attendance Celebrations.

At Windhill Primary School, we have decided that the class with the overall highest percentage each week will win a non-uniform day on the following Friday. The children love the idea of this as it is extremely competitive (between children and staff). As well as class winners, we also have individual winners for each week. […]

Rosedale Attendance Challenge.

Rosedale Primary School held a 4 week attendance challenge to encourage our foundation children to attend school every day for 4 weeks from Monday 26th September until Friday 21st October 2016. A leaflet to advertise this to parents was sent home & large posters were put up in the classrooms community board and classroom windows.  […]

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