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Learning is fun!

We all love to play games and have fun but it’s even better when we get to learn whilst we play!

Sam & Sammie have created a range of resources to help make learning fun! These can be used at school or at home.

Resources Shop

Sam & Sammie want to help make learning fun. Browse a wide selection of learning resources already implimented and helping children in schools across South Yorkshire.

It’s COOL to attend School DVD

5 animated stories helping to teach children about the importance of school.

16 Page Picture Book

16 page picture book to help children get to school on time

Interactive Flip Book & CD

Help teach children about attending school with this interactive flip book.

Grown Ups

We all want to see our children succeed.

We want to watch them learn and grow in to young adults.

Well, we have good news! Sam & Sammie have created a variety of resources to help YOU help your children!

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